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Summary of research interests

  • Computer Vision
  • Building Information Modeling and Digital Twin
  • Technology Adoption
  • Information Systems

Current – ASU

I am the director of the Edifice Lab. Go to for the latest.

Past – UTexas

During my PhD, I worked on a collaborative project called:

Living Building Information Model (BIM): A Layered Approach for Automatic and Continuous Built Environment Model Update

You can read the abstract on the National Science Foundation website.

The project aims to improve the information practices of people who operate, maintain, and renovate facilities.

Building Life-Cycle


Specifically, by applying tools found in machine learning and computer vision, we made Building Information Models easier to update throughout the life-cycle of a facility.

We are in the process of releasing an RGB-D dataset of building facilities for semantic segmentation research – 3DFacilities.

Past – UWaterloo

Team from the University of Waterloo

My master’s degree was focused on developing automated quality control tools for industrial construction, specifically pipe spool fabrication.

By analyzing point clouds captured by laser scanners, we could identify geometrical fabrication errors and mitigate the risk of on-site rework.


If you’re interested, feel free to peruse my Masters_Thesis_Seminar presentation.